JustDance Los Angeles | Getting Started
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Email or call us to set up a free introductory private lesson. We will get to know each other a bit, have a lesson, and at the end fill you in on our different services. Introductory lessons can be scheduled 7 days a week at your convenience. Even if you’re mainly interested in jumping into group classes and not private lessons, we would still love to meet you for the intro first. Private group intros are also an option if you would like to come to the studio for the first time with specific friends.

What to Wear


For beginning level classes, students are not required to wear ballroom shoes. However, ballroom shoes are specifically designed to make dancing more enjoyable and safer, and are thus still recommended. All dancers should keep shoes in good repair. Heel protectors are recommended for ladies. Stiletto or metal heels are not permitted. Shoes that grip the floor, such as sneakers, are not recommended, as dancing in such shoes can result in injury to knees and ankles. Shoes with potential for damaging the ballroom floor, in the judgement of the studio staff, are not permitted.


Attire specific for ballroom dancing is recommended, but not required. For men, we suggest a pair of slacks and a nice shirt. For ladies, we suggest a pair of loose fitting slacks or a skirt and a nice blouse. Sportswear and yogawear are also suitable at JustDance. We recommend that all dancers avoid clothes with heavy or swinging accessories.

Hair and/or Jewelry 

We ask that hair be kept back from the face. Long braids are not recommended, as they can strike a lady’s partner when she turns. Ladies are recommended to refrain from wearing large hoop earrings, as they can potentially be ripped out of earlobes during dancing and therefore pose a safety hazard. We also ask that ladies do not wear necklaces with beads or pearls, as these can be hazardous if they break and scatter on the floor.