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Group Classes

JustDance offers group classes for all skill levels. Some classes focus on choreography while others focus on technique and fundamentals. For new students, group classes are a great way to try out a new style. For seasoned dancers, group classes are a great place to practice with a variety of partners. No matter what the skill level, group classes are the best way to get be a part of the community and be inspired by each other’s dance journey.

Unless marked as a “closed series course,” JustDance group classes can be taken as single class drop-ins. Closed series courses have a definitive schedule for all the classes within each series and require enrollment prior to the start date.

Private Lessons & Coaching

Whether your goal is to dance socially or competitively, private lessons are the most effective way to improve your dancing. Privates give you the opportunity to have the Dancing with the Stars experience where you partner with your professional instructor to form a “pro-am” partnership. Our instructors determine the way you learn best, tailor their lessons to address your specific needs, and choreograph routines to showcase your unique style. Students may choose to work with one instructor for all styles or work with different instructors for different styles.

If you already have a dance partner, our instructors can coach the development of your dance partnership.

Singles or couples may share a private lesson with 1 or 2 additional people.

Kids & Youth Program

We believe learning to dance gives children a tremendous head start in life. Not only does it provide a skill and talent that they can use and be admired for their entire lives, it also develops discipline and team work at a young age. Dancing, like picking up a foreign language or learning a musical instrument, is often picked up more naturally by children. The kids program at JustDance is designed for children under 10, while the youth program is for boys and girls ages 10-21. Private lessons for kids and youth are offered at a discounted rate.

Medal System

Students who wish to train in the medal program follow either the ISTD Syllabus of International Style Standard and Latin or the DVIDA American style syllabus for Smooth and Rhythm. The medal system is comparable to the belt system in martial arts. Students individually test their knowledge before progressing on to the next level. All students are taught with the focus on competition and performance, although participation in competition is not required.

Wedding Services

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Show your love for each other in those first steps you take as a married couple during your wedding dance.

While much of the wedding planning process can be stressful or tedious, we believe preparing for the first dance should be an especially enjoyable and sentimental experience for our wedding couples to share leading up to that special day. Dance lessons become much-needed date nights, and we will do everything we can to get you ready for that special moment. Your wedding dance will end up being one of the most memorable, not to mention most-documented, parts of your wedding.

Other available wedding services include wedding party walk-ons and flash mobs, mother-son/father-daughter dances, and live performances.

Fitness Classes

JustDance offers fitness classes in LaBlast (Ballroom, Latin, and Jazz dance aerobics), Zumba, Yoga, and Barre classes.

Practice Space

One of the primary goals at JustDance is to get everyone dancing as much as possible. We invite our members to come to the studio to share the dance floor and practice every day in between their group classes and personal lessons.


JustDance produces multiple showcases a year in the studio and out of the studio at public and private venues. It is a chance for us to have our students, both children and adults, to take the energy from a crowd of family and friends and perform what they have been working on. None of us are born dancers. Few of us feel are naturally comfortable getting in front of people. At JustDance we break down those blocks and give you the support and confidence to shine.


In dancing, competitions are rarely about the result. They are always about the journey. Training for a dance competition is what made Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper to fall in love with each other in Silver Linings Playbook, and it is what will take your dancing to the highest levels in your dance journey.

Dance competitions can be done either with another amateur partner or with one of your instructors in the “Pro/Am” category. Dance competitions take place throughout the year in every major city. They provide a great way to combine your passion for dancing and traveling. The dance competition scene is its own unique community, and those that do it consistently really love being able to show the very best dancers in the world (who judge the competitions) their personal growth and development as a dancer.

Private Parties

As much as we love competitions and showcases, we truly believe the best application of dancing is to come together with friends and family at a party and move to the music. At JustDance we make each class, lesson, and practice a party. Whether it is a party just for a Friday night or an elaborately themed party, we will always have great music and have a good time.

JustDance can also help you throw your own private parties where we assist with theme, music selection, refreshments, and can even provide live entertainment and emcee services.